100% built for ecommerce, we’ve got all the automated marketing tools, insights, and savvy to turn shopping experiences into useful data streams, emails into earnings, and popups into cha-chings

A photo of Teresa & Echo Hopkins, founders of Ordinary Habit, a Drip customer that increased their average order value by 41% using Drip.

The superhero of segmentation, at your service.

Skim the data cream off the top. Whip it into every email. See more sales.

Far beyond static lists, our analytics bring essential data to the surface (nope, no hunting for it). Through next-level segmentation, use your data to send email content according to customer actions, and make engagement (and sales) pop.

Every customer is a unicorn. Email them like you know it, and ditch the lists.

The phrase list-based sends isn’t in our vocabulary. Our segmentation propels you into the nitty gritty of your customers, connects you with them beyond the basics, and produces the ROI (and brand love) you deserve.

Personalization that’s like your BFF curated the email for you.

We make it easy for you to translate your data and send behavior-based emails full of tailored content. The results? Messages that feel like a trusted friend sent them (not a distant relative who also happens to be a robot), more click-throughs, and more sales.


We love Drip's intuitive and user-friendly automations and the ability to automatically retarget specifically those people who didn't open your email. We switched from Mailchimp and don't plan on going back!

Amano Marketplace

An illustration of a quotation mark.
An illustration of a quotation mark.

So easy to use you’ll want to hug us.

Spend more time scaling your online business, not figuring out how to use our platform.

From initial setup, to building high-converting emails and onsite campaigns, to getting automations rolling, Drip is like using a hammer. Straightforward (no steep learning curve here), highly effective at getting stuff done, and downright satisfying to use.

Email builder? More like easy builder.

In less time than it takes to inflate a flamingo pool float, you can whip up an email campaign (our pre-built templates* were designed to help ecomm brands shine), segment your heart out, and set your workflows into motion.  

*or go full custom, you HTML animal you.

The Instant Pot of automated marketing platforms.

It’s time to do it all (really well) on one platform, and watch your ecomm brand reach new-level growth. Add in your precious data, let it enhance your staple ingredients (email campaigns and onsite personalization), then set it, forget it, and voila.


Friend or mentor? We’re both.

Support that looks at the your whole picture.

What contributes to our 99% customer support satisfaction rating? In addition to barely-there queues to reach friendly Drip experts whose #1 priority is YOU, we also avoid cookie-cutter support (entirely). Instead we partner with you by pulling up a chair, listening, and digging into the kind of tailored solutions that are going to yield real results for your growing ecomm brand.

Let's fill in the blanks and nail your strategy.

You're on the verge of something new—audience growth, revenue breakthrough, owning a juicier slice of your market. But you need that extra oomph to get you over the threshold into scalable ecommerce marketing territory. We've got you. Together we'll push the envelope, get your setup and strategy dialed, and celebrate your successes along the way.


It's already a winning app in and of itself. Add the fact that their support team is SPOT ON, and you've got a complete beast! These guys really care about your success and setting up your account, using it properly, and creating an amazing revenue channel for your store.

Christian, Got Drip

An illustration of a quotation mark.
An illustration of a quotation mark.

Talk data to me.

All your ecommerce data, organized and in conversation.

The search for key data is over. We take every last drop of your commerce-connected data and corral it into a single, organized dashboard. You then get to segment your audience according to their every move (in a non-creepy way) and knock your automated marketing game out of the stadium.

Squeeze (all) the juice out of your store data. Use it to fortify every send.

We don’t settle for that’ll do, and neither should you. Our platform extracts the most out of your store data so you can own your power, see how the drops in the data bucket add up, and experience the kind of brand growth only your mom knows you’re capable of.

It connects my store perfectly to my Drip account, bringing all the important data along with my mailing list. I've been using Drip with all my businesses and projects and couldn't recommend more. Simple to integrate and all the important information is at my Drip Dashboard.

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An illustration of a quotation mark.
An illustration of a quotation mark.

Drip is a powerful toolset that lets you access customer segments for targeted email comms. I have a 90k mailing list and the brilliance of Drip is that I can segment that list down with a handful of logic statements to a tiny focused group that I know are on the cusp of a purchase and only require the lightest of nudges to pull the trigger. I drive about $30k of monthly revenue from it… It's easy to use, quick to learn, the staff are responsive to requests and the reporting is accurate and simple to digest.

Evolution Power Tools

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An illustration of a quotation mark.

Get your learn on (and grow).


The Blog

A highly actionable collection of ecommerce marketing tips and tactics straight from our experts.


The Big Book of
Ecommerce Marketing

Your #1 resource for brand growth. 5 illuminating, easy-to-follow chapters designed to help you nail email + SMS marketing and make your ROI boom.



A curated community of Drip experts, ecomm industry pros, founders and internal operators from rad ecomm brands, email + SMS marketers, and all-around creative thinkers.

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